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Dentures are just a part of everyday life and if your dentist has advised you to consider dentures, you are not alone. Millions of people wear dentures, helping them to eat, speak and smile with confidence every day. Between visits to the dentist and the time taken to adjust if you are new to dentures, knowing what to expect throughout the process can help ease any potential worries from your mind.

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In certain instances, a tooth may be so damaged or failing beyond repair that the tooth must be extracted. The tooth could be causing extreme pain or infection. If these discomfort situations arise, an exam from the dentist will determine if a tooth extraction is the best solution and that the entire tooth will be removed from the jawbones. we aim to give you a life-changing new smile. Extraction services can be provided if the dentist determines certain teeth are beyond restorative care.

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For patients who rely on Dentures, Tooth extractions, we offer same day services. We understand that your Tooth extractions help you accomplish a number of things, including eating, speaking more clearly, and smiling. Tooth extractions can be done on a same-day basis in most cases. Emergency Denture & Extraction services may also be available the same day.

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